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2 new basic card ideas

i think these cards have probably been requested, but here they are:

Sniper (level 9):

cost: 4
rarity: common
arena: training camp
hp: 578
damage: 443
speed: medium
range: 8 tiles
hitspeed: 1.7 seconds
count: 1
dps: 261
Target: air and ground

sprayer (level 9)

cost: 5
rarity: common
arena: training camp
hp: 619
damage: 45
speed: medium
range: 4.5 tiles
hitspeed: 0.1 sec (every 50 shots is a reload which lasts 2 seconds)
count: 1
dps: 450
target: air and ground
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  • NukedPenguinNukedPenguin Member Posts: 226
    edited July 15
    Besides a lack of appearance, I like the idea of the sprayer, I imagine a slime ball that spits slime, I think his DPS and hit speed are quite high, for an air and ground hitting troop.

    So here's my suggestions to change it and I'd like to propose an interesting mechanic:

    -Reduce cost from 5, to 4 Elixir
    -Hits ground only
    -Slower hit speed, from 0.1, to 0.5
    -Increased Damage from 45, to 225
    (This is the same dps, just for ground troops only)

    -New ability: Slime Trap!
    Whenever the sprayer has to move, this begins the 2 second attack cooldown, which also enables the slime trap, the next attack it makes will entrap an enemy in slime for 3 seconds.

    While a troop is in a slime trap it can't move, or attack.
  • brainiacboybrainiacboy Member Posts: 706
    your idea for the spayer is quite interesting, but i was looking for a common card. the idea would be more suitable for maybe a legendary card. I was actually thinking for a soldier like troop with a gun which is sort of like an smg. The 2 ideas were meant to be very basic, and for the training camp arena.
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    check out my AMA!!!
  • NukedPenguinNukedPenguin Member Posts: 226
    Oh okay, :( Leave it to me to make things complicated
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