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[4600] Fist Blister / #P8QUU8CR / Active Adult Clan / KT Lv 11+ / Legendary League / Beer & Giggles

OokiiOokii Member Posts: 4
edited July 25 in Clan Chat
Sweet Hairy Nipples is that you Batman!!!

Active Adult Clan that likes to party with their pants off!!!

Fist Blister #P8QUU8CR

Looking for New Active Members


+ 4600 Trophies

+ King Tower Lv11+

+ 30 war wins

+ have a sense of humour

+ request at least 200 Cards each week

+ got to second base with an angry walrus named Shirley

Bring the beer and the cheer

We are an International Clan of nitwits with members are from all over the world including Australia, USA, Japan, Netherlands, Canada, Ireland, Denmark, UK, India, Pakistan, Singapore and other places that your mum won’t kiss!

Once we hit Legendary League there was an influx of members or glory hunters only joining for Legendary League Bonuses, so to stop this we now look for experienced players that will help boost the clan rather than come and leach and leave.

If that sounds something you want to be a part of – come on over and bring your friends!

Look Mum I Got Pubes!!!

We are a stress free clan and that’s the way we like it!

We are all adults (male and female) who play the game for fun and to escape the daily grind of real life.
No dramas or tantrums, just laughter and good times.
Taking the piss and foul language is AOK, but don’t be a bully or you will find yourself on the end of a boot.

Legendary League - We Love WAR!!!

Yes, it is just a game. But we play games to have fun.
And this game fun comes from winning!

We war back to back and it's fine to opt out of wars if life is busy, but all members are expected to war at least once in the week.

No rules, just common sense - use your three challenge day attacks and war attack. Those who fail to do so are met with a size 12 boot up the keister!!

A few practice matches are also expected before attacking in war. For nothing else but to get used to the card rotations.

Deck Not Working? We Can Fit That!

We have plenty of good players that are happy to for help you build a winning deck. Whether it is a fine tune of your ladder deck or a complete overhaul – growing stronger together is our goal.

All Card Requests Are Filled!

You don’t have to worry about donations or trade token requests being filled, we are all heavy donators. Weekly 20k+

If all that sounds good to you…
Hurry up and come on over, bring your friends as well the more the merrier.

We have welcome beers waiting in the fridge!!!

Fist Blister #P8QUU8CR

Any questions hit us up here or on Discord_


  • OokiiOokii Member Posts: 4
    Love to have you and your friends!! We want to run bigger wars!!
  • OokiiOokii Member Posts: 4
    I like to Bump!! i like to grind!!
  • OokiiOokii Member Posts: 4
    Bumper Cars
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