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[1600] required New clan needing members

p3ach3s031802p3ach3s031802 Member Posts: 1
edited March 26 in Clan Chat
Looking for clan members (1600 trophy requirement) anybody welcome
Clan name is slowburngang
Clan tag #y898pgqj


  • Legendary_PPCQ2JCVLegendary_PPCQ2JCV Member Posts: 32
    Hey slowburngang,

    We are also looking for players who are serious and active on Discord. If recruiting becomes too hard for you, then just merge with us! You can introduce yourself here:!

    We'd love to get to know you and work something out!

    legendary clan #PPCQ2JCV
    legendary Clash Royale clan
    Clan War POWERHOUSE looking for active Discord players:
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