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421thedayafter (New Clan) searches after new players 0+ trophies

LixenLixen Member Posts: 1
Hello everybody,

We created a second clan and we are searching for players that don't have that much time or just want to have fun in the game.

I was last season Master 1 so I am able to give you advice on decks, archetypes, strategies and cards if you are new to the game.
You dont have to participate at clanwars or be always active.

PROMOTIONS: If you are active and I see you do something for the clan then I concider with the co-leader/s if you get a promotion. So working is going to be rewarded.

We can transfer you to our 1st clan "419thedaybefore" if you are doing a good job in your progress:

Clantrophies: 2.233 (Gold 2)
Members: 39/50
Clanscore : 38.500
Required Trophies: 3000
The thing is there you have to be active and have to participate at wars

I ope i see you soon, write me or join us if you want :)
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