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D.D.T. // Start up clan focused on War

wickedsoccerwickedsoccer Posts: 1Member
Welcome to the Detroit Dump Trucks aka D.D.T.


Some of us have banded together to push a focused effort of Wars. Looking for high collection and war day efforts plus the usual donations.

A fun atmosphere, where we will work on finding what decks work for each war.

Current minimums are just 2000 trophies and be level 8 so you can war right away.

If you are more casual or lower level, feel free to start at Michigan#1 and mention Wicked sent ya. Then jump up to D.D.T. when your ready to get your War on.

Keeping it kid and family friendly. Look forward to joining forces!



  • meMEGAMINDmeMEGAMIND Posts: 220Member
    Sounds cool! In the future, please post recruitment in the Clan Recruitment subforum. Cheers! Welcome to the forums!
    I see Elite Barbarians every match...
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