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Edit: Mods I admit that I did not scour the forum to see if this has been asked before. If repeat or tired subject feel free to lock and discard. Cheers.

The patch announcement got me thinking. Matching by trophies really is a poor way of doing it. I can come across someone with the same trophy count that has cards double the level of mine and there's nothing I can do. No amount of clever strategy is going to compensate or counter level 10 cards when yours are at level 5 or vice versa.

So why not have the match making work using a card level algorithm? One that works off of a rough card level average that also takes into account the different rarity level? It should just be a matter of math. Seems at a glance that that would give us all a better chance of getting more evenly matched games.

:thinking: Just thinking out loud here. Hava good one!
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