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Maintenance 24/05, bug fixes!

SamirMishraSamirMishra Posts: 339Member

Brawl stars is going on a short maintenance break to apply the following changes:

✓ Fixing an experience collection bug
Event rotation adjustments (more Duo Showdown!).

✓ Disabled Bounty maps: Cabbage Patch and Groundhog Burrow. (YES THESE TWO MAPS HAS ALSO BEEN PERMANENTLY REMOVED)

✓Events/Shop refresh time adjustments.

✓Friend suggestions sorting (now people you have played most with are Sorted at the top).

✓ Text changes/fixes(typos).

Also note: There's a visual error causing the Legendary Drop rate to appear as 0.00%. Under the hood, the drop rate works fine. Unfortunately we can't fix this with a maintenance, but we wanted to assure everyone that they still have a chance of getting a Legendary Brawler.
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