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Tap to shoot vs joystick shoot

TTtheTTTtheT Posts: 1,402Member
What does this small brawl stars community prefer? Tap to shoot or joystick shooting. For me I prefer tap.
Tap or joystick
  1. Tap or joystick2 votes
    1. Tap
    2. Joystick

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  • SamirMishraSamirMishra Posts: 339Member
    To be honest I still prefer Tap. Tap To shoot and tap to move is still the best way to precisely aim at your brawlers without directing the aim line with an Additional controller. Why Supercell choosed to Make one control for everyone is that the fact that This game is now in landscape, Thus Across the map you wouldn't be able to comfortably aim at your brawlers all the time. The Height is now short, so Your finger might cover a big part of the screen Creating Clutter at seeing the map. Similarly when your brawler will go the opposite side of the thumb you primarily use, You might even try hard to aim the shots by moving the thumb across the Screen, or in corner.

    In a nutshell, Restricting the Control accessibility and choosing a one way method for players is not a good decision and will not cater to whole part of players. People who are Handicapped? Some innocent People voiced their Opinion on reddit Saying that they cannot play brawl stars because, They have Several issues in their hands, So holding the device in a solid way was really difficult and those can only adapt to Tap.

    The game's nature is much more different than any other game, it's a Smartphone simulation game. So each and every player would have it's own preference to go on with the simulation controls.

    Supercell still has Mentioned that they'll be not stopping and continue to improve Controls, Perhaps the devs would care to Consider this topic on table that what about those players who have handy problems and Can get used to Tap only.

    My suggestion: Since the main barrier comes to Play the game comfortably and naturally. Then, similar to Joystick panel, there must be a "TAP Plate" on the screen. What is this plate? Specifically it covers the same range as where you can access your joystick. This TAP Plate will will be similar to Joystick but Could only be used by Tapping instead of rotating like joystick. This plate will kind of Compresses the whole screen of map in a corner which would help you to aim your shots at any direction without letting your thumb Tap across the screen. Additionally, the Will be a small Dot in the center of the plate, which indicates the brawler you're playing, whenever You'll click around that spot, Another spot on the Main map also appears to help you improve aim precision.

    Second thing is to add even more options to customise the controls in settings for Ipad users specifically to increase joystick size. Again, would be Complicated and difficult right? A tutorial and brief descriptions might help:)
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