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Team Based Game

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How it works:
You can attack anyone from another team
You can only attack every 2 hours
Healing can be done every 4 hours
You can choose whatever attack you want
The 1 wait period is 10 hours for attacks that include them
The (x2) attack only takes effect if your team mate attacks directly after you within an hour then you must add this extra damage on (the 2nd team mate calculated and comments the extra damage)
Once you die you can’t come back
You must state your attack on a person(s) and then write their current HP in your comment for example

I attack archer with strike (-400 hp)
Archer 600HP
Healing works like this Archer using heal (+100hp) 700HP
Its my first game like this so im sure theres going to be many questions and errors please just ask them in the comments and I will try to answer and correct it
Characters are first come first serve, one everyone has chosen characters, I will respond to any questions and buff or nerf any characters that need it and the game will start when I comment start good luck

Teams of 2

Team barbs

Sword throw 200 dmg one target
Sword slash 150 dmg (x2) if team mate attacks after you one target
Heal- restores 100 hp

Elite barbarian
Strike 400 dmg one target (1 wait cycle)
Tackle- 100 dmg two targets
Heal- Restores 100 hp

Team goblins

Spear goblin
Spear throw- 125 dmg one target
Spear knife attack- 120 dmg (x2) is team mate attacks after you
Heal- Restores 100 hp

Stab goblin
Stab- 300 dmg one target (1/2 wait cycle)
Knife surprise- 150 dmg (x2) if team mate attacks after you
Heal- Restores 100 hp

Team archers
Arrow attack- 120 dmg + 80 to another target
Storm of arrows- 50 damage (x6) you can choose who you want to attack (1/4 wait cycle)
Heal- Restores 100 hp

Magic archer
Shooot- 100 dmg two targets
Pierce- hit everyone else 200 dmg
Heal- Restores 100 hp


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