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[One and only] Zap balance discussion

JcttehTheWiseJcttehTheWise Posts: 2,022Moderator
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Hey there!

As the most used card in arena 11 and Challenges, with almost 60% usage rate, with The Log as the second most used card with 20% less usage rate, Zap is clearly the best cheap spell, providing a fast response to swarm and stun, which is very useful against Inferno Dragons, which are also pretty popular. Also, as a common card, is easier to level up tan the Log, despite Log is usually level independent.

Imo, zap needs a nerf. Mainly because of Arrows, which despite their usage rate is not too low, they almost doesn't exist in competitive.

Sooo what nerf? Deploy delay? Less damage? Less stun time?

My sugestion is to reduce zap's range from 2.5 to 2.

The reason behind this nerf is because high range is what makes Arrows and The Log special, more concretely Arrows. Reducing Zap's range should encourage players to use other cheap spells, making it quite harder to kill a full skelearmy or zapping a good ammount of cards at the same time.

What do you think?
Zap alance discussion
  1. What do you think about Zap?15 votes
    1. Needs a large nerf
    2. Needs an average nerf
    3. Needs a small nerf
    4. Completely balanced
    5. Needs a small buff
    6. Needs an average buff
    7. Needs a large buff
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  • GiorgakisGiorgakis Posts: 3,175Member
    Its deploy delay is what makes Arrows replaced by Zap. So this should be debuffed first.

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  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,365Moderator
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    Arrows imo are slowly shifting their way into the meta because of Minion Horde.

    But on the other hand, Ice Golem + Zap or Ice Spirit + Zap can kill Minions, and those are the two more popular ways to kill a card, as many meta decks run either one or both nowadays.

    Zap is kind of like Ice Golem, it is highly used doesn't need a nerf, mainly because it's an anti-meta card. I'd rather nerf Ice Spirit and Bats, then both of those cards won't be highly used anymore.

    It's not like last year, when Zap could kill Goblins and had a use rate north of 90% on occasion :crsmirk:

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  • MathChampMathChamp Posts: 1,729Moderator
    I have suggested this idea before, but adding a third 2-elixir damage-dealing spell would shift the zap to have less usage.

    I would suggest to add a frost nova spell. This would have enough power to kill goblins, but it's range would be small enough so that it can't kill all of the goblin barrel. A way to do that would be for the spell to have a 2-tile range, and it can't be placed straight onto buildings. So, it can only kill two goblins in the goblin barrel in that case.

    It can also slow down troops for 1.5-2 sec, and it can target air&ground. Now, the log can still be used as an effective goblin barrel counter, and it has more range and knockback, so the frost nova can scoot its way into decks without boxing out the zap and log.

    This, along with a buff to arrows (increased speed to target) will make it so that these 4 spells can be used for their purposes without boxing out each other.
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  • CarlsonCarlson Posts: 1,060Member
    edited March 2018
    The thing about Zap is that its completely powerful in ladder, but not too much in challenges, as there are goblins dominating (which you cannot one shot). The only choice to use in challenge is The Log to clean up those goblins, but be careful, as there are a lot of log bait decks dominating right now. If you want to have better protection against Sparky, Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon, use Zap.
    Althoough, what makes me wonder is that Zap that is 2 levels better than Minions will one shot them. Zap one level better than any stab goblin will one shot it. Max level Zap can oneshot level 1 Princess and level 7 dart goblin. In the tournament level standard, it deals exactly the same damage as one Royal Giant attack, one Knight attack and one barbarian attack, which is very interesting. Also has the same damage as an Ewiz spawn damage.

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