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Donate & Domin8 #2RYG2220

webbey64webbey64 Posts: 2Member
edited January 2018 in Clan Chat
Donate & Domin8 #2RYG2220

currently recruiting, very active clan our rules are as follows:
300 for Elder / 800 for Co Leader need to become elder before co leader.
<100 for the week will see you demoted or kicked
Clan Chest:
Minimum 20crowns.

We actively kick people who are not contributing and will happily accept friends and family of our members even below our req trophies aslong as they contribute.

We have dropped required trophies to 2000 so join our team while spots are left.

Cheers Webb


  • webbey64webbey64 Posts: 2Member
    Dropped trophies to 1000 plenty of spots left consistently making 10/10 for over 13months now
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