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[ONE AND ONLY] Skeletons Card Discussion

MathChampMathChamp Posts: 1,720Moderator
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With the increase of cheap cards presented in the game of Clash Royale, the original trio of bone brothers have been becoming more underpowered due to the power creep present in the game.

When one tries to balance this card, there are two major issues present when doing this deed:

1. There is a noticable imbalance present in the card whenever the number of skeletons is changed. While having 3 skeletons is underpowered, having 4 skeletons is overpowered. While one might suggest that a skeleton stat buff could be in order, issue #2 butts its head in and stops any good possibility of the card from becoming balanced.

2. The skeletons are an integral part of many cards, and if there is a change in the skeletons themselves, many cards are affected as well.

I will say that many cards that compose of skeletons could are underpowered, though, so a buff to the skeletons' stats would make the cards with skeletons become more into the meta.

The buff I would think of is a buff in damage by 6% This will buff the damage of of level 9 skeletons from 67 to 71, and this will only change their interactions on tanks and glass cannons. Their interactions with bats, other skeletons, the witch, and the ice wizard will stay the same, so this change will just affect their ability to defend. This will also give a big boost to the witch, the graveyard, the skarmy, and the skeleton barrel. The skeleton barrel might recieve a nerf to compensate though, considering the damage increase of skeletons.

Other possible buffs could be to decrease deploy time or increase hit speed, but I'm not sure what would exactly be the right buff to skeletons.

What are your thoughts on the skeletons? Leave them down below!
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  1. What do you think about the Skeletons in terms of balancing?14 votes
    1. Large Buff
    2. Medium Buff
    3. Small Buff
    4. Balanced
    5. Small Nerf
    6. Medium Nerf
    7. Large Nerf
  2. How are the Skeletons unbalanced?14 votes
    1. The number of them
    2. The stats
    3. They are unbalanced due to the meta
    4. They are not unbalanced
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  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,352Moderator
    Skeletons IMO fulfill their purpose for one elxir. They're a cycle card and a distraction.

    They're not supposed to kill 4/5 elixir cards solo. They should be used in tandem with other cards. It's just Ice Spirit and Bats outclass the skeletons.

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  • LegoTrooperLegoTrooper Posts: 187Member
    Just make icespirit less.... Broken for it's cost and I can start to think about using skeletons.
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    I'm still waiting for battleram to get buffed..... Because I have more success with a level 5 skelebarrel than a tourney standard ram.
  • DwynnDwynn Posts: 41Member
    Buffing any stat at all of the skeleton troop would be the power creep you're talking about. I'm not a fan of that.

    Overall, I feel that 1 elixir skeletons are actually fine but the only reason we can't see it is due to a power imbalance at the bottom.

    Nerfing Ice Spirit freeze duration should clear things up and help establish the proper baseline balance for the rest of the game.

    Though... I might be on board with a skeleton stat buff if it caused the other cards including skeletons to be nerfed to give fewer skeletons.
  • WubWubWubWub Posts: 423Member
    The way to see skeletons again:

    1. change Ice Spirit's stun to a slow effect
    2. change Bats formation so they're closer together in a cross, so they lose the ability to surround and die easily to splash
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  • brainiacboybrainiacboy Posts: 623Member
    there is no point to buff the skeletons as I think it is worth I elixir, it is not meant to do a lot of damage and is meant for a cheap card.
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  • Some of you are saying to buff skeletons and lower the count on skarmy and tombstone, etc. But what if they actually nerfed skeleton dps and brought them back up to 4 skeletons and also gave more skeletons to the rest of the skeleton cards, like putting 5-6 skeletons in tombstone.
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