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The Card Community Wars

Sooo I have been out for a while and while I was out I had a great Forum Game Idea: The Card Community Wars

The Card Community wars would be a 2 part forum game where 5 Card Communities would battle in the second part of the thread.

The Card Communities

The Tanks: (Golems, Giant Skeletons, Knight)
The Support Troops: (Ice Wizard, Night Witch, Dark Prince)
The Power Cards: (Sparky, Mega Knight P.E.K.K.A)
The Attackers: (Barbarians Bandits Hog Rider)
The Defenders: (Skeleton Army Goblin Gang Goblins)

The Second Part of the Forum Game will start when each one of the troops that are in parentheses will be taken.

Each card can be taked once so I will use the rule of the first come first served.

I won't play I will only be the referee that everyone will try to kill.

Good Luck!


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