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Innovative Ideas To Improve The Game!

LostParadiseLostParadise Posts: 997Member
edited December 2017 in General Discussion
-Victory Gold Limit Change
-New Quests
-Contests (Clan Wars included)
-More Ways To Use Gems
-Other Changes
-Clan Level,XP & Perks (coming soon)
-PvE Campaign Mode (coming soon in a seperate thread)

Victory Gold Limit Change:
Did you know that after you win 20 matches,you'll not get any victory gold for any further matches you win till the next day?I suggest this should be replaced with a ''soft limit'' where you still get gold for winnings after 20th,but the amount will be substantially lower than usual.This limit also refreshes daily.After you pass the victory limit,your victory gold amount will temporarily be dropped to:

1 Gold (A1-A2)
2 Gold (A3-A4)
3 Gold (A5/6/7)
4 Gold (A8-A9)
5 Gold (A10-A11)
6 Gold (A12-C1)
7 Gold (C2-C3)
8 Gold (M1-M2)
9 Gold (M3-CH)
10 Gold (GC-UC)

After getting your 20th win,the game informs you that the limit has been passed and the victory gold is reduced,before entering the next game.Also when you win a match with reduced victory gold,the number of the coins you win is shown in red instead of white and it shows the countdown for the limit to refresh.

The logic behind this change is that people won't feel that playing is completely pointless after getting 20 wins,while victory gold farming still being pretty much blocked since the amount you win beyond 20 wins is so meager.

Items that can substitute for gems to speed open chests can be implemented.

-Each key will be worth 1 gem,aka speeding the opening up for 10 minutes.
-Just like the gems,the Key cost of insta-opening a chest will also decrease as the time required to open is reduced.
-Keys can be found via winning battles,with each victory having a 20% chance to award a key.You can discover up to 5 Keys daily by winning combats.
-You can watch a video ad once per 4 hours to get 2 Keys (btw I still wonder why this game doesn't allow us to watch vids in order to get prizes,unlike many others).
-They can be bought from shop in bundles,so that you can get them at a prize slightly lower than 1 gem/key.
-Sometimes quests can offer keys as the side reward.They can also appear as gifts in the shop.

New Quests:
King Crusher : Get 2 three crown ladder victories.
Team Domination : Get 2 three crown double player duel victories.
Flawless Winner : Three crown your enemies 5 times in ladder,2v2 or challenges.
Victory Streak : Win 5 ladder matches without losing any (This quest appears quite rare compared to most others,and has twice as much side rewards while still giving 20 QP.Such missions already exist,like the one I just got : ''Use 20 Royal Giants in ladder'').Losing a ladder match will reset the quest progress back to null.
Competitor : Open 2 custom tourney chests (Spoiler : This thread also includes an idea to buff Custom Tourneys - keep reading if you're excited!).
Speed Matcher : Win 6 ladder matches in one hour (Also a rare task with 2x side rewards).
Gem Hunter : Obtain 20 Gems from chests/quests/shop freebies.
Locksmith : Obtain 20 Keys from battles/videos/quests/shop freebies.

Contests & 2 Alternative Concepts About Them:
I have two different ideas about Contests,with one adding Clan Wars into the game and the other reviving the Custom Tourneys feature;so I could not decide which one would be better for the game thus am sharing both with you.

1 - Custom Tourney Tickets
Chests won from Tournies will also include Tickets apart from their normal
rewards.The amount of Tickets won depends on the size of the chest.Those
will be used to join Contests.You'll be matched against 9 other
people once you join,and have to collect more CP than your opponents
within 24 hours in order to get a better prize.What you need to get SP varies
- sometimes you need to win ladder matches,sometimes every crown taken
equals one point...there are several tasks like that which is randomly
determined at the start of the Contest.You'll always get a prize regardless of
your place,but it's indeed going to get better as you get higher.The ''Elite
Contest'' also exists with 10x entry fee and 11x rewards.

2 - Clan Wars (or more like CvC Contest)
This time,your Clan is matched with another in a Contest.You work together
with your clanmates in order to gather more points than the opponent.This
takes 168 hours (or 1 week) to finish.All the members of the winner clan
(provided they got at least 1 CP) get a sweet chest at the end.The loser clan's
members also get a consolation prize.In the event of a draw,the rewards are

Clan XP,Levels & Perks:
Coming soon...

More Ways To Use Gems:
-Instantly refresh your daily fortune (60 Gems/use)
-Additional quest refreshes after the daily free skip is used (5 Gems/use)
-Giant/Magical/SMC chests added back to the Shop
-Shop offers refresh (30 Gems/use)
(Note that it will not replace any stacks that are already bought,only changing the remaining stacks).
-Buy a Last Chance after your third lose in a challenge

Other Changes:
-Rage/slowdown % and sight range added to the card info screens
-5% discount on card offers and chests during the Epic Sunday
-At least one Special Challenge is always activated,to keep the game dynamic
-Royal Chests are now possible to obtain from battles (correct me if I'm wrong,but they can only be opened by purchasing at the moment as far as I know).
-You can now add up to 5 match replays to your ''Favourites List'',which are always available to watch & share (the normal replays are deleted after 2 days or so).
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    To make keys more different and (more like actual keys) they should open any chest instantly.
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    I'm still waiting for battleram to get buffed..... Because I have more success with a level 5 skelebarrel than a tourney standard ram.
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    You already posted this in I&FR.

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