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  • [ONE AND ONLY] {Wall Breakers} Balance Discussion

    They rarely make contact with a tower and when they do the damage is minimal. I suggest that they do damage upon death to nearby enemies, OR they should have a 8% health buff to increase their contact rate on a tower.

    Hello everyone. Last 3 months before CLASH ROYALE TRADING CARDS was released. It's so gorgeous collective cards but I came up with an idea. How about making CLASH ROYALE TRADING CARD GAME? It's not Mobile game. Player gather and play by real cards. The rule is basically same as CLASH ROYALE Online game but little different to make Trading Card game. I devise a rule and a rule is as follows. I would be grateful if you all could read.

    1. Battle Field: Battle Field is configured 7 multiplied by 7 grids Field. Each Player has 2 Towers on their Battle Field. It's almost same as CLASH ROYALE.

    2. Follow of Turn: This game consists of some phases.
    At the beginning of game, each Player draw 5 cards from their Deck and with 10 Elixir.

    a. Draw a card from Player's Deck.
    b. Get 1 Elixir.
    c. If Player control Building, deal it 10 damage.
    d. Player may cast Troop or Building card.
    e. If Player control Troop or Building,
    Move Troop.
    Attack if that Troop or Building can.
    f. Opponent Turn. During c,d and e step, both Player may cast Spell card.

    3. Win/Lose Condition: There are several ways to win the Game.

    a. If Player lose Tower's HP total 0 or less, this Player lose the Game.
    Opponent win.
    b. If Player is required to draw a card than are left in his/her Deck, he/she
    draws the remaining cards, and lose.

    4. Elixir Boost Card: To make the Game faster, I adapt to design 'Elixir Boost Card'. These types of card supplies Player's Elixir like Elixir Collector. Elixir Collector is Building type of Elixir Boost Card. But there are Elixir Boost Spell or Troop are prepared in this game like...

    Beta Minion Troop Card Elixir Cost 5 HP 70 PW 30 Range 2 SP 1
    Flying, Discard a card from your hand: you get 1 Elixir.

    Curse of Witch Spell Card Elixir Cost 3
    Pay 100 Tower HP: You get 9 Elixir.

    5. Evolution: Most of cards has Ability like 'Flying'. and in this game some cards has 'Evolve' Ability. For example Baby Dragon can evolves Dragon. It needs
    a. You control 'Baby Dragon' on Battle Field.
    b. You have 'Dragon' card on your hand.
    c. You have enough Elixir to summon 'Dragon'.
    The turn when you summon Baby Dragon, you can not use Evolution.

    If you have any suggestions, please post them.
    Thank you so much!
  • Problems with staggered Deploy Time

    Staggered deployment of Swarm cards was added back in June of 2018 with Minions and Minion Horde. I loved the change and since then, I wanted to see that with other cards (or rather all Swarm cards). Then on March of 2019, it got added to Barbarians, Bats, Rascals and Goblin Gang and two months later on Three Musketeers as well. However this produces a huge problem on the balancing of the game with True Red/True Blue being the biggest offender of it.

    So far, all of the staggering has been used as a tool to nerf cards. It has worked with varying succsss. Why? Because staggering isn't a nerf in all situations.

    Buff: More forgiving against prediction spells and when deployed on a spell

    Nerf: Don't instantly get their DPS value and can be reacted to more effectively

    Nerf/Buff: The focus always begins with the first unit, which sometimes cripples your DPS early (i.e. opponent's archers focus on killing one minion instead of targeting different two) and sometimes helps survive splash hits (i.e. if opponent's archers focus on one minion, but then he also casts a zap, there will be 5 remaining to be taken down instead of 4).

    These are not only minuscule, but pretty much add up to a zero.

    The main symmetries in the arena are two - horizontal through the river, vertical through the middle of the king. In a perfect world, these symmetries should work perfectly. Playing a card on the right lane should yield the same result as playing it on the left lane, as well as your opponent playing it on their side.

    Every single card in the game used to respect both symmetries:

    Your opponent's placements are flipped, i.e. why Rascal Boy always goes up front regardless of who plays it. Rounding errors were fixed, and the river symmetry is guaranteed.

    Cards are symmetrical on the vertical, which on its turn assures that the outcome is the same on both lanes

    Graveyard is an exception.

    Staggering isn't symmetrical. Let's take for example Goblin Gang. In the old gang, all of the goblins deployed at once. However, because of the staggering, each of them has a different "weight" and so one side is more "heavy" than the other.

    Generally 0.15sec delay doesn't make a huge difference in the long run, but it does change interactions with specific units on specific tiles. Also, unlike more severe errors in the past, it affects nearly every deck. More than half of the decks use at least one of the staggering cards. Let's explore these discrepancies: I'll show those with lone towers, not because all of them are relevant, but because they can be easily tested and don't depend on precise timing.

    Minions & Bats: Nothing significant

    Minion Horde: Gets 2 extra hits if approaching from the left, for both towers. Doesn't work on right or center

    Goblin Gang: Up front split formation, the side with the 2 goblins and 1 spear goblin is inconsistent: on the left side the spear goblin lands an extra spear. Left and right bridge placements also deal different damage

    Rascals: In normal split placements, the side with the boy deals more damage to the left tower

    Barbarians: The side with three barbarians deals more damage on the left than on the right. Also, when splitting behind the king, you can't decide which lane gets 3 barbarians (rounding bug).

    A possible solution to that is to make the weight dependent on which lane you place them. If you place them on the left lane or on the left splitting column, then the left units would start moving before the right ones. The opposite goes with the right lane where the right units will move earlier instead.

    So because of this, in the left lane the priority for each swarm is:

    Minions: Front, then bottom left, then bottom right
    Minion Horde: Front left, then front central, then front right, then bottom left, then bottom central, then bottom right
    Bats: Front, then central left, then central right, then bottom left, then bottom right
    Rascals: Rascal Boy, then left Rascal Girl, then right Rascal Girl
    Barbarians: Front, then central left, then central right, then bottom left, then bottom right
    Goblin Gang: Left Goblin, then central Goblin, then right Goblin, then left Spear Goblin, then right Spear Goblin
    Three Musketeers: Front, then bottom left, then bottom right

    And on the right lane, it would instead be

    Minions: Front, then bottom right, then bottom left
    Minion Horde: Front right, then front central, then front left, then bottom right, then bottom central, then bottom left
    Bats: Front, then central right, then central left, then bottom right, then bottom left
    Rascals: Rascal Boy, then right Rascal Girl, then left Rascal Girl
    Barbarians: Front, then central right, then central left, then bottom right, then bottom left
    Goblin Gang: Right Goblin, then central Goblin, then left Goblin, then right Spear Goblin, then left Spear Goblin
    Three Musketeers: Front, then bottom right, then bottom left
  • A Guide to Keeping a Debate on the Forums Civil and Healthy

    More Fallacies
    The Appeal to Novelty - This fallacy is when something is considered better because it is new.
    Example: "Well, I feel that we should change it so that we can target certain troops because the game needs something new, and new is better."

    The Appeal to Tradition - This fallacy is when something is considered right, proper and correct simply because it has "always" been that way.
    Example: "Well, Supercell has always made epic cards with death damage bombs, so a common card with a death damage bomb shouldn't happen".

    The Argument from Ignorance - The fallacy that since we don’t know (or can never know, or cannot prove) whether a claim is true or false, it must be false, or it must be true.
    Example: "We can never know for certain what would happen if Supercell enabled this change to the game, so it's not a good idea at all."

    The Argument from Incredulity - The fallacy of doubting or disregarding a certain point because it is because it appears superficially "incredible," "insane" or "crazy,".
    Example: "I doubt this idea will work for the game because it would be way too crazy".

    Argument from Silence - The fallacy that if available sources remain silent or current knowledge and evidence can prove nothing about a given subject or question this fact in itself proves the truth of one's claim.
    Example: "Supercell has said nothing about how matchmaking exactly works. Therefore, matchmaking must be rigged!"

    The Bandwagon Fallacy - The fallacy of arguing that because everyone supposedly thinks or does something, it must therefore be true and right.
    Example: "Well, everyone says that matchmaking is rigged. That must mean that it's true!"

    Blind Loyalty - The fallacy that an argument or action is right simply and solely because a respected leader or source (most likely Supercell in this instance) says it is right.
    Example: "Supercell says that matchmaking isn't rigged to make hard counter decks. We don't need any other evidence."

    Confirmation Bias - A fallacy of logos, the common tendency to notice, search out, select and share evidence that confirms one's own standpoint and beliefs, as opposed to contrary evidence.
    Example: "Look at my past 5 matches, and you will see that matchmaking is rigged!" Now, despite other evidence even in the person's own past matchmaking, he only focuses on the matchmaking that does prove his point.

    Default Bias - The logical fallacy of automatically favoring or accepting a situation simply because it exists right now, and arguing that any other alternative is mad, unthinkable, impossible, or at least would take too much effort, expense, stress or risk to change.
    Example: "That change to the game shouldn't happen because the game is fine as it is. No need to fix what isn't broken."

    Defensiveness - A fallacy in which after one has made a stance, one automatically tends to defend that stance and to irrationally dismiss opposing options even when one's stance later on proves to be shaky or wrong.
    Example: "While you bring up good points about why my idea is bad, it was still a good idea when I thought it up at first, and nothing can change that."

    Disciplinary Blinders - A fallacy when a person automatically disregards, discounts or ignoring otherwise-relevant research, arguments and evidence that come from outside one's own professional discipline, discourse community or academic area of study. Basically, this fallacy applies to this forum as disregarding a point because the person doesn't work for Supercell, so they don't know what works best for the game. Would be inherently hypocritical, but that's how this fallacy applies to this forum.

    "E" for Effort - The fallacy that something must be right, true, valuable, or worthy of respect and honor solely because someone has put so much sincere good-faith effort or even sacrifice and bloodshed into it.
    Example: "You say such negative things about my change, but do you see how much effort I put into my idea? I should at least deserve some respect and maybe even consideration on it being good for the game."

    Essentializing - A fallacy that proposes a person or thing “is what it is and that’s all that it is,” and at its core will always be the way it is right now.
    Example: "Supercell fanboys will always go to flock to Supercell's aid, so why even provide an viewpoint against Supercell if Supercell fanboys will always defend them?"

    Disclaimer: The examples used do not in any way reflect my viewpoints on the game. They are just examples.

    And that is it for now! I will go ahead and add more when I have more time.
  • A Guide to Keeping a Debate on the Forums Civil and Healthy

    Hello fellow forumers! Today, I will be explaining how to enact in a healthy debate, and try to fix some errors that can easily happen when things in the debate get heated! In this analysis, we will go over many common errors that can occur when doing debate topics on this forum, and I will detail how to fix these errors so that these forums remain civil and logical!

    Providing an Argument
    This is the most important part of starting any healthy debate on the forums. Make sure that your argument is supported by evidence and reasonable rhetoric. Rhetoric is defined the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques. There are three appeals that can be used to compose your argument, and we will go over the benefits and drawbacks of each appeals in the argument

    Logos - Logos is using logic to prove your points. This is the most important form of argument to be used on this forum, and in this forum, this appeal should usually be the one that can provide the most effective means of convincing a fellow forumer to agree with your viewpoint. While this is very important to a good argument, it is also probably the most difficult to achieve effectively. Using stats and figures, logical cause-and-effect, and reasonable analogies are some of the most important pieces of evidence to prove your argument.

    Ethos - Ethos is the use of ethical appeal to convince an audience of the author's credibility or character. While Socrates himself said that this was the most important appeal, this is just not always the case for the forums. Unless you know the intricacies of the game itself, or you know how the programming of the game works, then you can not usually use this appeal to full effect. This is the weakest of appeals on this forum for the sole reason that we are just fellow fans of this game and not usually game marketers, advanced statisticians, or highly educated programmers. If you are one of these things, you can then easily use ethos to help appeal your arguments.

    Pathos - Pathos is using emotional reasoning to support your argument. This is the most dangerous of appeals, and it should be made sparingly on these forums. Using pathos is quite effective, but it is also the most volatile, and it can backfire quite easily if used incorrectly. If you can only use pathos to prove your point, then you should most likely not create that argument in the first place. Overall, use pathos only if you have a good amount of logos to back it up.

    So, using two or all three of these appeal is effective in making your argument good. I would personally recommend that you first use logos to make your point sound, and you can then sprinkle in some pathos or ethos to make your point solid.

    When providing an argument, watch out to not make some logical fallacies when proving your point. A logical fallacy is an error in reasoning that renders an argument invalid. Here are some fallacies that can be made when formulating an argument.

    Circular Reasoning - Circular Reasoning is a logical fallacy in which the reasoner begins with what they are trying to end with (X is true because of Y, then Y is true because of X). This is a very easy fallacy to spot, and it makes the argument not have any actual reasoning in the entire thing. An example of this fallacy is "Clash Royale rigs the matchmaking by matching people against hard counter decks. But why does Clash Royale provide hard counter matches? They do it to rig the matchmaking."

    False Alternatives - A False Alternative is misformulating a problem as a choice between two (or more) alternatives, when there exist other alternatives that have not been considered (You have a choice between A and B. A is obviously unacceptable, therefore you must do B.). This is quite a common fallacy used when a person tries to "fix" the game, and they say that their solution is the only way to do it. Here's an example of this fallacy: "2v2 leavers are such a pain to deal with, so I devised a solution. Ban anyone who leaves the game once. Do you want there to be 2v2 trolls who leave the game, or do you want this action taken against them?"

    When providing an argument on the forums, varied sentence structure is a must. People do not want to read sentences that end up sounding all too short or too long. Also, use of varied vocabulary is also a way to keep your audience engaged, but try to not confuse people with it. It just takes practice and experience to provide a nice sounding argument, and just talking amongst forumers achieves this. These are essential to keeping an audience through an entire argument without losing them or boring them.

    This is something that should be kept in mind: you want to entertain as much as you want to inform and persuade. If you don't provide enough engagement for your audience, you will not persuade them to your side. That's an important part for any good start to a discussion.

    Offering a Rebuttal
    Now, when you find an idea that you don't agree with on the forums, you should speak out and try to offer your own viewpoints to the discussion. When doing this, you want to make sure that you can first back up your own viewpoints with evidence and facts (see above), and you also want to use appeals when providing your rebuttal (also see above). When making a rebuttal, also keep in mind that emotional appeals should be kept at a minimal, as it can cause discussions that are uncivil.

    When addressing an argument, make sure to address either specific points of an argument, or address all of the argument. Do not misquote or generalize the argument, and make sure not to make generalizations in your own rebuttal as well. People will catch on easily and point out when you do not address any of the actual points in your argument.

    Make sure that you remain civil, and do not make these logical fallacies when creating your rebuttal. Here are some of the fallacies:

    Ad Hominem - This is any attempt to discredit a view by calling attention to the character, actions or personal circumstances of those who hold it rather than the reasoning they provide in support of it. This fallacy can happen occasionally through the forums, and it makes the argument go out of hand easily. Never use this, and if you can provide actual rebuttals, you shouldn't have to. Here's an example: "You say that matchmaking isn't rigged, but that's just because your a SC fanboy who listens to whatever they say!"

    Red Herring - The Red Herring is distracting attention from an issue by introducing an irrelevant issue or one that is only superficially related to the one being discussed. This is basically what happens whenever a topic is derailed from the current point on hand, and this can sometimes happen when a person cannot find any rebuttals to the current argument. Here's an example of this: "While you say that matchmaking is rigged by losing streaks, you forgot to mention the rigged matchmaking that is caused by hard counter decks!" As you can see, while the original topic was rigged matchmaking by loss streaks, the topic derailed to matchmaking by hard counter decks.

    Fallacy Fallacy - Now that you have learned what certain fallacies are, you should know what this one is as well. The fallacy fallacy is discrediting an argument because the speaker used a logical fallacy. This can be used easily, and some might not consider it wrong, but it still is a wrong way to offer a rebuttal. Here's an example: "I don't agree with your viewpoint at all because you used an Ad Hominem attack on me". Now, this does not actually address any of the points in the argument, so it's not the right way to debate.

    So, now you have learned how to provide an argument and offer and rebuttal effectively and without faults. I hope you can use this advice to debate on the forums civilly and without any issues!

    Now, obviously, you can also use this in real life situations as well, from persuading your mother to let you go out with friends or writing a persuasive essay to your teacher. Keep this in mind, and you can find out what techniques people are using to prove their argument. Now, while I might not have the ethos to tell you this information (my name is MathChamp after all :crsmirk:), I hope that I can provide the information in a logical manner to appeal to logos.

    If you want a complete list of logical fallacies, here's where you can find them. There's 146 of them, and that just goes to show how easy it is to accidentally give faulty reasoning.

    Thanks for reading! This is the EnglishChamp, signing out! :crsmirk:
  • Bait and its Qualities in Current Decks

    In the modern age of Clash Royale, one aspect of the meta is quite prevalent in many decks associated with it. This is the aspect of bait and winning through the use of baiting out spells from the opponent and taking down the tower without the opponents ability to take out these specific cards.

    In any meta deck there are at least two cards that offer a bait aspect. In this analysis, I will show some of these card/deck combos and their ability to offer either a more powerful defense or a more powerful offense.

    Inferno Dragon + Bats -
    Being the inspiration for this thread, this combo is a defensive powerhouse, taking out pushes ranging from small to big. In order to use this combo effectively, one must place the bats far away from the Inferno Dragon in order to make the opponent choose which one to zap. This combo is prevalent in many meta and even off meta decks including the GS ID Clone deck, and the Mega Knight Skelly Barrel deck. The GS ID Clone deck in particular baits out zap with almost every card, and this is why the deck has such a high win percentage.

    Skeleton Barrel + Above Combo -
    With a few meta control decks, a major source of damage comes from the skeleton barrel. The player ends up using their zap on one of the defensive combos above, and then the skeleton barrel is placed offensively, getting big damage on the tower on account of the player's missing zap. The meta decks shown above have these three cards in hand, and these three cards make a counterpush that can take down the opponent's tower if it is not countered properly.

    New Log Bait Deck (With Prince) -
    With the new meta comes a new bait deck, and this bait deck consists of the goblin gang, goblin barrel, and princess along with the new card of the prince. Unsuspecting opponents will end up logging or zapping the prince to reset his charge, and then either the goblin gang or goblin barrel comes out to take advantage of the opponents missing spell. That's why the prince has been placed instead of the inferno tower.

    Modern Mortar Decks -
    When the free-to-play players struggle to achieve max epics and legendaries, they must be either forced to use these underleveled cards, or make a mortar deck. The main deck that I will focus on is the mortar minion horde goblin gang deck. This deck baits out two specific spells, and these spells are the fireball and the zap. While the zap is merely a defensive bait, the main spell being baited out is the fireball, since the fireball also takes a big chunk out of the mortar and can stymie a push. This emphasis on fireball bait is present on the three main rush cards in the deck (besides hog), and this is just another example of the bait present in meta decks.

    Three Musketeer Decks -
    The three musketeer decks have been evolving since people figured out how to split them, and they are still viable even though nerfs to the elixir pump have been issued. This is because the three musketeers have been baiting the four biggest spells in the game (fireball, poison, rocket, lightning). They have the minion horde to bait out fireball and poison, they have the elixir pump to bait out all four major spells, and they have the battle ram, knight, and ice golem to lightning rod the lightning (while not "bait", I will acknowledge that aspect of 3M decks). Major breakthroughs have happened since the split of the three musketeers, and the three musketeers have evolved to become a beatdown bait deck.

    New Meta Sparky Decks -
    In the modern age, the sparky has not received the love it should even though it has received a major buff in the somewhat recent balance change. Although there isn't many sparky decks to see, modern sparky decks incorporate zappable cards like the minion horde, skarmy, and goblin barrel. Of course, these cards are a zap bait to allow the sparky to do major damage to the tower or attacking troops. An especially deadly combo is the sparky and goblin barrel because the opponent has to choose which one to zap, and if they don't have the arrows or the log with the zap, either the sparky or the goblin barrel can do major damage to the tower.

    So, to recap, we will go over what decks/cards bait what spells:
    Inferno Dragon + Bats + Skeleton Barrel - Baits Zap
    New Log Bait Deck (With Prince) - Baits Log and Zap
    Modern Mortar Decks - Baits Zap and Fireball
    Three Musketeer Decks - Baits Fireball, Posion, Rocket, and Lightning
    New Meta Sparky Decks - Baits Zap

    Overall, zap is the most common card that is baited in current decks, and that is no surprise, considering that zap is one of, if not the most commonly played card in challenges and ladder.

    Bait has now become a mainstay in many decks, and it will probably stay there through many more metas.

    If I missed anything, let me know!
  • What is the Real Value of the Special Offers?

    Disclaimer: All special offers are calculated using the the wagon of gold and the mountain of gems. If you want me to find out the dollar values using different ratios, let me know!

    So, we've seen those beautiful offers in the shop, right? A question that (maybe) people have asked is whether these shop offers are worth the money. I also wonder which offer is the best one...

    So, today I will answer these questions on the shop offers and hopefully make you save some money and avoid the worst special offers!

    Okay, so in order to find out the value of these shop offers, we must find the dollar value of the chests offered. First, we have to find the gem value of these chests, and I explained it in more depth over here.

    After we find the gem value, we multiply that by the Dollar/Gems Ratio (1/140).

    Overall, here's the formula to find out the dollar value of chests:

    DV = (G + ((5*(C-R-E-L))+(R*50)+(E*500)+(L*20000))) * GGR * DGR

    DV = Dollar value for chest
    G = Gold in chest
    C = # of cards in a chest
    R = Rare % chance or number
    E = Epic % chance or number
    L = Legendary % chance
    GGR = Gems/Gold Ratio (.045)
    DGR = Dollar/Gems Ratio (1/140)

    When we plug these in for the chests we get these values:

    Arena 3 Giant - $0.69
    Arena 4 Magical - $0.89
    Arena 5 Super Magical - $6.51
    Arena 6 Magical - $1.38
    Arena 7 Super Magical - $9.42
    Arena 8 Magical - $1.82
    Arena 9 Super Magical - $11.86
    Arena 10 Legendary - $6.43
    Arena 11 Ultimate Draft Champion - $22.37

    Note: I figured out the odds of the draft chest by using the rare, epic, and legendary factors of 2, 10, and 200, respecitvely. I figured out the factor by working backwards using this site's chest odds and using the YARN formula with the values of A and R present at the time.

    The special offer doesn't only include the chest though. It also includes gold and gems! Here's the dollar value of the gold and gems using these formulas shown:

    Gold Formula:
    DV = GO * GGR * DGR

    Gem Formula:
    DV = GE * DGR

    DV = Dollar Value
    GO = Gold
    GE = Gems
    GGR = Gems/Gold Ratio (.045)
    DGR = Dollar/Gems Ratio (1/140)

    So, here's the dollar value for gold and gems:

    1000 gold = $0.32
    10000 gold = $3.21
    100000 gold = $32.14

    80 gems = $0.57
    500 gems = $3.57
    1200 gems = $8.57

    Overall, here's the dollar value of all the special offers (the parentheses shows the Times Value):

    Arena 3 - $1.58 (1.60x)
    Arena 4 - $1.78 (1.80x)
    Arena 5 - $10.41 (2.09x)
    Arena 6 - $8.17 (1.64x)
    Arena 7 - $21.21 (2.12x)
    Arena 8 - $42.53 (4.26x)
    Arena 9 - $23.65 (2.37x)
    Arena 10 - $47.14 (4.72x)
    Arena 11 - $54.51 (2.18x)

    Looking at these statistics, you can see that the two worst offers in the game are from arena 3 & 6. The two best offers in terms of times value is the arena 8 & 10 offers.

    Hope this helps!
  • Welcome to Forum Games!!

    Turn Based Strategy Game

    What is a TBSG?
    TBSG stands for "Turn Based Strategy Game." In these games, players create a move-set consisting of 5 to 7 moves and they use these moves in turns throughout the game to eliminate all the opponents. The main win-condition of this game is to eliminate all other opponents, and the last man (or clan) to stand wins the game.

    Types of TBSG
    There are mainly two types of TBSGs, Free For All and Clan Wars.

    Free For All - In this game mode, the main goal or objective of a player is to kill all other players and to survive till the end of the game. For winning, one must eliminate all of the other players. Alliances can be formed but there can be only one winner.

    Clan Wars - In this game mode, players ars divided into teams or so called clans. As the name says, players can win with the clan, which means, when 1 player of a certain clan wins, the whole clan wins! Usually, there are 2 teams and 5 players in each team. These players are given different classes or powers and one team must eliminate all the players of the other team to win. Outside communication like Chatzy or Discord is usually for communication between the team.

    Moveset is the set of moves that you will be using throughout the game to eliminate opponents. Movesets are provided by the host but you can also create your own! Movesets aren't final, sometimes they are changed (a move can buffed, nerfed or replaced) for the sake of "fair play".

    Its compulsory to have a ultimate move in your moveset. The ultimate move gets activated when the player kills an opponent. Ultimate move is the most strongest move of a player and will not get activated again if the move itself is used to kill another player.

    There are mainly 3 types of moves.

    Melee - These are melee moves and can be dodged if the target is flying.

    Ranged - These moves are those which are ranged and will hit the target regardless of their position. But still, the target will succeed in dodging it if this is a slow move.

    Pet - Pets are like companions. They are summoned with their own health and damage power. Killing or hitting the pet(s) will not have any impact on the player.

    Quick Links
  • Welcome to Forum Games!!

    Welcome to Forum Games!

    Howdy Royalers!
    The new sub forum Forum Games has been added! Forum games is the craziest sub forum! However, Forum Rules should still be followed in this sub forum, but the bumping rule is relaxed here, you can post as much as you want. Don't forget to follow in-game rules. ;)

    Popular Games
    Here are some of the most popular basic games. :)
    Complex Games
    The only way to get the real taste of Forum Games is by playing some complex forum games like TvM, TBSG or RPs. By playing these types of games, you will get to know many new people and might even make some new friends!

    Here is a list of these types of games, click on their name to get a short description of them. :)

    Table of Contents
  • Official Clash Royale Forums are back!

    I knew something is fishy when a youtube link showed up when my cursor's on it.

    But i clicked anyways.
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